Chicken Program


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    Chicken Program

    Chickens are popular with residents of Davis County. Many families now raise backyard chickens for the benefits of fresh eggs, being self sustainable, and providing an avenue of responsibility for their children.

    Youth that have chickens are able to exhibit and participate in a chicken show at the Davis County Fair in August. Youth ages 5 to 18 can bring their chickens to the fair and have them judged in the cage as well as participate in a poultry showmanship class/show.

    Chickens in a coop



    Poultry showmanship clinics will be taught this summer to teach youth how to present and show their birds as well as information on nutrition, diseases, and production. two girls showing chickens For more information about the 4-H Chicken program please contact Karson Anderson at 435-919-1329 or      

    4-H Poultry Showmanship Class 2019

    March 15th -- 3:15 pm

    4-H Chicken Show at the Davis County Fair

    To download and print out the 4-H Chicken Show registration form please click here.


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