Plan to Shop


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    Plan to Shop

    Once your food budget and menu plan are in place, it is time to shop! Follow these simple tips to minimize the amount of time and money spent in the grocery store.

    Planning to Shop:

    To Create a Shopping List:

    • Keep an ongoing list in the kitchen. When you are getting low on an item, such as catsup or eggs, but before you run out completely, put that item on your list. That way you will remember to get more the next time you shop. This helps prevent extra trips to the store.
    • Use your menu plan to create the rest of your list. Check cupboards and pantry to know what you already have on hand so you don't buy unnecessary items.
    • Organize your shopping list according to the store layout. This will minimize time spent in the store. The less time you are in the store, the less likely you are to make impulse buys that cost extra money.

    Things to know before you head to the store:

    1. Shop no more than one time per week. The more frequently you shop, the more money you will spend, so try to shop no more than once a week.

    2. Shop when the store is least crowded, typically earlier in the morning and on weekdays. The weekends and between lunch and dinnertime are more crowded times.

    3. Leave children at home, if possible. Trade babysitting with a friend.

    4. Do not shop when you are hungry. Hungry shoppers spend more money. IF necessary, eat a light snack before you go. If you must take your children, make sure they are not hungry either.

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