Plan to Save


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    Plan to Save

    saveDid you know that a few quick and easy steps can save you and your family big bucks? Developing and following to a food budget is an effective way to save time and money at the grocery store.

    Look at creating a food budget as insurance against being hungry at the end of the month. Food budgeting is the perfect way to make sure your family has the means to eat nourishing and delicious meals all month long.

    Planning to Save involves three simple steps:

    Step 1: Know what you currently spend on food

    The first thing you must do to plan to save is know how much money you currently spend on food. Many people over or underestimate the amount of money spent on food each month. Knowing exactly how much you spend on food is necessary to know where you can make changes to save money.

    A great way to start on developing your food budget is to look at what you spend for a month. Begin by keeping track of EVERYTHING you spend on food for the next week or month. You must try to include everything-groceries, take-out, school-lunch, restaurant meals, convenience stores, morning coffee, pastries, vending machine food, etc. This may seem overwhelming, but it will be extremely helpful in creating a realistic food budget you can stick to!