Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherry Varieties for Box Elder County

(listed in order of maturity dates)

Chelan – Large firm round fruit with dark mahogany skin. Good flavored, juicy, red flesh. Fruit is similar to Bing, but ripens about two weeks earlier. Vigorous, upright growing tree. Zone 5

Black Tartarian – Medium size firm, sweet cherry. Fruit is purplish-black and juicy. Vigorous trees bear early in the season. Used mostly as a pollinator for other varieties. Zone 5

Royal Ann – Large, crack-resistant cherry which has golden yellow skin with a red blush. Fruit is crisp with a sweet-tart flavor. Good for eating fresh, canning and preserving. Zone 5

Bing – Exceptionally large fruit with dark burgundy skin – almost black when fully ripe. Firm, sweet, juicy, purplish flesh. Excellent for eating, canning and preserving. Bing is the leading commercial sweet cherry of the western states. Will not pollinate Lambert or Royal Ann. Zone 5

Utah Giant – More flavorful, sweeter and larger than Bing or Lambert. Dark red flesh holds color when processed. Disease resistant tree needs a pollinator such as Van or Stella. Zone 6

Stella – Large, heart-shaped cherry with dark red, nearly black skin. Firm, sweet, dark red flesh with good flavor and texture. Fruit is of excellent quality and very similar to Lambert. Resistant to cracking. Tree bears at a young age. Self fruitful. Good pollinator for all sweet cherries. Zone 5

Ranier – A large crack resistant cherry. Skin color is golden yellow with a considerable red blush. Firm fruit with distinctive sweet flavor. Higher sugar and lower acid than Bing. Vigorous, hardy, productive variety. Excellent pollinator for most varieties. Zone 5

Van – Medium to large size cherry with dark, almost black skin. Firm, dark, semi-sweet flesh. Excellent pollinator for other sweet cherries. Tree is hardy, vigorous and a very prolific bearer. Zone 5

Lambert- Very large, firm, heart-shaped cherry with black skin and very dark, sweet flesh. One of the best known commercial sweet cherries. Lambert is hardy and vigorous. Will not cross pollinate with Bing or Royal Ann. Zone 5

Lapins – Very large, dark purple to black cherry with firm, sweet, delicious purplish flesh. Bears heavy crops. Self fertile. Excellent pollinator for other sweet cherries. Zone 5

Sweetheart – Large red cherry with excellent flavor. Upright tree is vigorous and heavy bearing. Self pollinating. Zone 5