Peach Twig Borers

Peach Twig Borer (PTB) causes wormy fruit in peaches, nectarines and apricots in Utah. If they are a problem in your orchard, it is critical to maintain some sort of control program from the projected beginning spray date until the end of the spray period. Backyard home orchards can find various control options by clicking on the Home Orchard Pest Management Guide link found under the FRUIT TREE PRODUCTION link at the right. It is important for homeowners to read and follow the product label to keep your fruit worm free from this pest.


Peach Twig Borer 
3rd Generation Spray Schedule

Current as of 8/6/12 - The second generation peach twig borer egg hatch in the Willard, Perry and Brigham City areas has ended.  The third generation will start to hatch on Friday, August 10th and will be at 5.3% egg hatch by August 15th.  Growers should keep your fruit covered until harvested or until September 15th.