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    Box Elder County Office Information



    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



    Box Elder County Courthouse
    01 South Main, Room 30
    Brigham City, UT 84302
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    Faculty & Staff

    Michael Pace

    Michael Pace

    County Director
    Horticulture Faculty

    435-695-2541 |


    Areas of Expertise

    • Production: Irrigated and Dryland Safflower Production
    • Oil Seed Crops: Camelina, Yellow Mustard, Flax, Safflower and Sunflower
    • Utah Onion Growers Association
    • Commercial Fruit Production
    • Alfalfa, Hay, Corn and Small Grain Production

    Ann Henderson

    Ann Henderson

    Family & Consumer Sciences Faculty

    435-695-2544 |


    Areas of Expertise

    • Nutrition Education for Limited Income Families
    • Food Safety and Preservation
    • Family Financial Management

    Classes Taught

    • Food Preservation Update
    • Canning Meat and Dry Beans
    • Canning Tomatoes and Salsa
    • Water Bath Canning
    • How to Use a Pressure Canner
    • Time Saving Cooking
    • Freezer Meals
    • Stretching Food Dollars
    • Organizing Important Financial Papers
    • Basic Budgeting
    • Strategies for Saving Money

    Josh Dallin

    Josh Dallin

    Extension Assistant Professor

    435-695-2545 |


     Areas of Expertise:

    • Livestock
    • Range Management
    • 4-H Agricultural Programs

    Laura Holmgren

     Marci Borg

      4-H Program Coordinator

     435-695-2546 |

     Specializes in volunteer management, club leader resources & trainings. Facilitates county   contests, 4-H education, equine, dog, STEM, shooting sports, Portfolios & county teen                                               leadership programs. 

    donna Donna Andrews

      Extension Staff Assistant

      435-695-2542 |

    jan Jan Jensen

      4-H Staff Assistant

      435-695-2543 | 

         Becky Egli                       Michelle VanFleet                Laura Holmgren

      Food & Nutrition Program Assistant       Food & Nutrition Program Assistant                Marketing & Social Media