Livestock for Landscapes- Teach your cows to eat weeds and use your livestock to reduce fire danger, control weeds, improve wildlife habitat, and enhance biodiversity.

American Grazinglands Services - is dedicated to improving the health and sustainable productivity of grazing lands using of management-intensive grazing practices.  They provide consulting services and grazing management tools. If you want to reduce feeding hay in winter, you may want to visit this site.

Targeted Grazing - a natural approach to vegetation management


Livestock Handling

Bud Williams Stockmanship School  - Teaching low-stress livestock handling methods.

Steve Cote's Book on Stockmanship is available online at Temple Grandins' site.

Effective Stockmanship - more tips on livestock handling

Hand 'n Hand Livestock Solutions - another good site on stockmanship with videos you can view online.

Temple Grandin's Web Page - Livestock behavior, design of facilities and humane slaughter.


Conditioned Taste Aversion

Conditioned Taste Aversion Data Base - Everything your ever wanted to know about conditioned taste aversion.
Conditioned Taste Aversion and Predators - This site overviews the benefits using conditioned taste aversion with wildlife, especially predators.


Invasive Plants

Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management (EBIPM) - Science-based solutions for invasive annual grasses.

The Great Basin and Invasive Weeds - A tour of the Great Basin and its weed problems