Instructor Resources

  Instructor Resources CD - You can order this free CD to help you add lectures on livestock behavior to you curriculum or you can download the contents of this CD from our website. This CD includes:

  1. PowerPoint Presentations: To make it easy to present these concepts in class, we’ve provided slides with notes.

  2. Video Clips (Downloads) - You can see animals demonstrating the principles in action, or listen to producers talking about how the principles manifest on their operations.

  3. Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive in a World of Change Frederick D. Provenza, 2003.  A summary of how behavioral principles influence food and habitat selection, with examples of strategies for using them to improve the efficiency and profitability of agriculture, the quality of life for managers and their animals, and the integrity of the environment.

  4. Fact Sheets: Designed for the layman, these fact sheets address practical applications of research findings. Topics include: Training Livestock to Leave Streams and Use Uplands, Livestock as a Tool for Biodiversity in the Sagebrush Steppe,” and many more.

  5. Eat at Joe’s: This on-line course was designed for private landowners for It’s an entertaining way to learn more about behavior by “eating meals” from Joe’s Diner. This is an internet course. This link will take you to

  6. BEHAVE Jeopardy: Once your students have a feel for behavior, they can test themselves with this game of jeopardy.

  7. Instructions for Lab Demonstrations: Using these instructions, you can run your own demonstrations with animals such as food neophobia, and howanimals learn from mom.

  8. Behavior Facts: Here’s what we know about animal behavior with references to the studies that provided the discoveries.