Book and DVD

Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive in a World of Change

Book and DVD:

This 62-page booklet produced for NRCS is filled with information and case studies about grazing animals and forage resource management. The book can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format (below).

We also have a companion DVD. The DVD can be viewed on youtube. or copies of the DVD is $10 and can be ordered by contacting Rae Ann Hart

Table of Contents

Section 1: The Challenge (pdf)

Detecting nutrients · Minimizing ingestion of toxins · Physical attributes of plants · Food on the move · Animals on the move · People on the move

Section 2: Origins of Preference (pdf)

Goats and blackbrush · The importance of experience to production · Mother knows best · The peer group · Meeting the challenge · Advantages of social learning · Unfamiliar environments · Unfamiliar terrain for herbivores and managers · Easing transitions for herbivores and managers · A load of hay · The adaptation trough

Section 3: More than a Matter of Taste (pdf)

Palatability is more than a matter of taste · The wisdom of the body · Changes in palatability are automatic · Excesses and deficits · All forages are not created equal · Nutritional state · Interactions between nutrients and toxins · Helping weed eaters

Section 4: The Spice of Life (pdf)

Variety of theories · Looking over clover · Why animals search for variety · Herding sheep · Variation among individuals · Confined and constrained

Section 5: The Dilemma (pdf)

If it ain't broke don't fix it · Necessity is the mother of invention · The hazards of exploring new environments · Correcting nutritional deficits · The carnivorous herbivore · Cycles of behavior

Section 6: Old Dogs, New Tricks (pdf)

Two hands clapping · Reinforcement and punishment · Consequences depend on nature and nurture · Using behavior to manage for ecological, cultural, and economic integrity · Skin and gut defenses · Teaching herbivores about toxic foods · Creating cultures that enhance biodiversity · Grazing sagebrush-steppe · Boom-bust management · Culture, social organization, and grazing management

Section 7: Conclusion (pdf)

Glossary (pdf)

Additional Reading (pdf)