Additional Examples and Research Updates

Additional Examples

As we gather additional examples and information, we will provide you with additional slides and notes. Clicking on "Download" allows you to download or view these slides.

Fall grazing of sagebrush to improve biodiversity - Follow up photos. In the Presentation Resources - Relationships Section, we discussed the effect of amount of supplement and stock density on utilization of sagebrush by sheep. These slides show the effect of fall grazing by sheep on the plant biodiversity in formerly dense stands of sagebrush. Download

Training cattle to use uplands - Follow-up photos. In the Presentation Resources - Old Dogs Section, we profile Bob Budd at Red Canyon Ranch in Lander, WY. These are photos of riparian areas on the ranch before and after cows were trained to use uplands. Download

Application of Behavior - This slide show overviews the BEHAVE project, how animals learn about foods and examples of how knowledge of animal behavior has been and is being applied in several production systems. This slide show contains 33 slides with lots of photos, it takes a few minutes to open or download. Download

Reducing bear depredation on trees - Download

Flushing ewes with thistle and jelly beans - Download

Cattle pull turnips: Achieving a balanced diet with turnips and ryegrass - Download

Research Updates

As research projects are finished, results will be available as soon as data are summarized. Citation for each study will be added when data are published. Clicking on "Download" allows you to download or view these slides. These slides were created with PowerPoint 2003. If you have trouble reading them, please mail me at and I'll try to help.
Can ruminants balance minerals? - Probably. This experiment investigated Ca and P mineral nutrition in sheep. Download
Benefit of pasture mixes for grazing beef calves. Download
Fact Sheet: "Cow-Calf Production and Profitability on Irrigation Pastures Composed of Forage Mixtures or Monocultures During the First Year After Establishment “
Grazing Dairy cows balance their diet and variety increases milk production. Download