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    About Us

    BEHAVE is a research and outreach program that explores the principles of animal behavior. Our primary focus is on diet and habitat selection of livestock. Understanding how animals learn will enable us to train animals to fit our landscapes rather than having to modify our landscapes to fit our animals. Using grazing as a tool will reduce our use of expensive machinery, fossil fuels and toxic herbicides. By understanding how animals learn we can use their natural behaviors to manage weeds, enhance biodiversity, improve feeding systems, minimize use of riparian areas and much more.

    Faculty and Staff

    Banner, Roger Range Extension Specialist roger.banner@usu.edu
    Brunson, Mark Professor and Department Head ENVS mark.brunson@usu.edu
    Burritt, Beth Area Rangeland Resources Agent beth.burritt@usu.edu
    Clemensen, Andrea Graduate Student andrea.clemensen@usu.edu
    Hansen, Ashley Graduate Student ashley.hansen@aggiemail.usu.edu
    Hart, Rae Ann Administrative Assistant raeann.hart@usu.edu
    Lyman, Tiffanny Graduate Student tiffanny.lyman@usu.edu
    Maughan, Brody Graduate Student brodymaughan11@hotmail.com
    Petersen, Chuck Graduate Student  
    Provenza, Fred Professor, Emeritus fred.provenza@usu.edu
    Villalba, Juan Research Associate Professor juan.villalba@usu.edu