Extension E-cigarette Prevention in Rural Communities

What is Be Epic?

USU Extension received a Southeastern Utah Health Department grant in 2020, 2021 and 2022 to implement an evidence-based e-cigarette and vape prevention program targeting youth in Southeastern Utah communities. The Broad Extension of E-Cigarette Prevention in Carbon, Emery and Grand (BE-EPIC & Grand) Youth Program is using the CATCH-My Breath curriculum, an evidence-based program that provides 5th-12th grade students the opportunity to gain factual information, skills to recognize peer pressure, and improve teen’s overall ability to decline tobacco products. This website contains information for parents, teachers, and youth for prevention of e-cigarettes.

Statewide Parent Event Recording
View the Statewide Parent Event recording to learn more about what you can do as a parent to help prevent e-cigarette use. 

UPR Interview
To learn more about the Be Epic, Escape the Vape Program and e-cigarette use among youth, listen to this interview with Dr. Ashley Yaugher.

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