Biosecurity | Animal Health


    The outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom in early 2001 caused many producers to re-evaluate their own programs of "biosecurity." As we evaluated ours at Utah State University, we concluded that ours was just an "Open Gate" policy and we were at serious risk of disease introduction. 

    A number of faculty and farm managers worked together over several weeks time to develop a biosecurity program. The goal was to reduce our risk of disease introduction but keep the program realistic to implement. 

    Our animal farms at USU have some unique problems that other producers may not have. But many of the guidelines and materials developed could still be useful to producers as they work to reduce the risks to their own specific operation. 

    Hopefully the materials which follow will provide a good foundation on the principles of biosecurity as well as specific ideas to be considered. Producers and their veterinarians are encouraged to work together to develop a specific plan for each farm or ranch.