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    Nutrient Management Planning

    Tools for Nutrient Management Planning

    Nutrient Management Planning Guide

    • The 10-Step Guide for Nutrient Management Planning covers the information and steps needed to develop a Nutrient Management Plan. Click here to download the guide.

    Nutrient Management Planning Spreadsheet

    • A spreadsheet to help with record-keeping and nutrient management planning is now available.  Click here to download the spreadsheet.
    • The Critical Records for Animal Production (C.R.A.P.) App is designed to help keep needed manure application records and corresponds with the nutrient management planning spreadsheet.  

    Tools for Record Keeping

    The Critical Records of Animal Production (C.R.A.P.) App, designed by Utah State University, is designed to help producers track manure application and incorporation events, lagoon inspections, and other information needed to maintain a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP).   The app is designed to replace a notepad for record keeping while "in the field".  Records entered on the app can be emailed as a .csv file attachment (Excel format).  

    The C.R.A.P. app is free and can be found in iTunes or Google Play store by searching for "Critical Records".  Or one can use the links below:


    Google Play: