Publications and Presentations

    Publications and Presentations

    Fact Sheets

    Agriculture and GHG Emissions

    Agriculture and NH3 Emissions

    Air Quality and Agriculture

    Fundamentals of Nutrient Management

    How a Lagoon Works

    Lagoon Startup and Maintenance

    Phosphorus in Dairy Cattle Diets

    Are we Running out of Phosphorus?

    The Composting Process

    How Composting Works

    Protecting Water Quality on your Acreage

    How much Manure will my Animals Produce?

    Developing a Manure Storage Area

    Publications and Guides

    Nutrient Management Planning for Livestock Producers:  A 10-Step Guide - USU  Description:  Covers the basic components of a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP). NMPs help one utilize nutrients in a beneficial manner.  NMPs are required for CAFO permits, and coverage under the AFO Permit-by-Rule and the ACES program.

    The Utah Strategy: Phase II  - USU   Description:  Covers the requirements for AFOs and CAFOs (those that keep livestock in confinement).  


    2015 AFO/CAFO Workshop Presentations

    Overview - Changes in Federal CAFO Regulations

    AFO Regulations

    Agricultural Certificate of Environmental Stewardship Program

    Developing a CNMP with Manure Management Planner

    Record Keeping

    Other Rules to be Aware Of

    Common Violations and How to Prevent Them

    Importance of Rapid Manure Incorporation

    NRCS Guides and Spreadsheets

    Utah Manure Application Risk Index (UMARI) - NRCS.
    Description:  Spreadsheet to determine risk level of applying manure to a field.  Should be used to determine if winter application of manure is allowed.     

    NRCS Guidelines Nutrient Management Practice 590, January 2013- NRCS
    Description: An update for the guidelines published in January 2013

    NEH Part 651, Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH)- NRCS
    Description: Manure management handbook. 

    Animal Waste Management- NRCS
    Description: Website with information and resources available.