Master Food Preservers

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What is the

Master Food Preserver Program?

 The Master Food Preserver program trains individuals to become food preservation volunteer advisers  for the community. The course uses researched-based information and hands-on experience to train volunteers on proper food preservation techniques.

Anyone interested in learning more about food preservation can apply! No previous experience is required.

Upon completion participants will:

  • Receive certification as a Master Food Preserver from Utah State University Cooperative Extension.
  • Be able to produce high quality preserved foods through mastery of food preservation procedures.
  • Have the opportunity to give back to the community by providing food preservation information to others in a variety of ways.


Outline of the Course

The Master Food Preserver program consists of 30 to 40 hours of hands-on education, instruction and discussion.  A typical class will consist of a lecture and hands-on practice in a food preservation lab.  

 Course topics include:

  • Economics and safety of preserved foods
  • Canning fruits
  • Canning tomatoes and tomato products
  • Canning low-acid foods
  • Canning meats
  • Making jams and jellies
  • Preserving foods through freezing
  • Preserving foods through dehydration
  • How to teach and demonstrate techniques

 To receive certification, participants must attend 90% of classes, complete lab quizzes, pass a final examination (with an 80% success). Participants who enroll as volunteers will also be expected to contribute 40 hours of service.  See “Volunteer Commitment” for more details.

What does the course cost?

Participants can choose to enroll as either volunteers or non-volunteers. Volunteers pay $135 and are expected to give 40 hours of Extension service during the subsequent year. Non-volunteers pay $185 and are not obligated to meet a specific number of service hours.  Costs cover canning supplies, food, learning materials such as books, binders and manuals, and training by Utah State University Extension faculty.

 Volunteer Commitment

Upon completion of the course, participants who enroll as volunteers are expected to contribute at least 40 hours of service in their first year as Master Food Preserver. Using their acquired food preservation knowledge, volunteers may teach food preservation courses in the community, answer phone calls about home preservation, test canning equipment, and a variety of other activities that can be tailored to each individual. Volunteer experience is highly individual and will be determined based on your interest, abilities, and availability.  



Classes will be held at the Utah County Extension office in Provo, 100 E Center Street, L700, Provo, Utah  84606.



Tuesdays beginning  March 4, 2014  to April 22 from 10 am to 3 pm except April 8.