December Gardening Tip

  December Gardening Tips

  • Prepare evergreens for winter by trickling water from a hose about 2-4 feet from the trunk.  Let it water deeply for one to two hours.
  • Leave carrots in the ground to harvest during the winter by allowing the tops to die back, cover with landscape fabric, and then 12 inches of straw or similar material.
  • Clean up perennials for winter by removing dead plant material and cutting them back to 2-4 inches high.
  • Work organic matter into the garden to decompose throughout the winter.  Apply nitrogen fertilizer to help break it down before tilling.
  • Clean all garden tools and make sure they are dry before storing for winter.  Sharpen and grease pruners and loppers.
  • Remove vegetation and debris around structures to eliminate habitat that encourages pests.
  • Seal and caulk openings around basements, windows and doorways and use a registered insecticide around the foundation to prevent spider
  • invasions.
  • Use Ropel® as a deterrent to rodents.
  • Walk through crisp fall leaves and enjoy their crunch and aroma.
  • Plant amaryllis bulbs for Christmas blooms.
  • Remove debris and dead plant materials from around the garden and buildings.
  • Poinsettas available at local nurseries.

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