September Gardening Tip

September Gardening Tips

  • Apply a high nitrogen fertilizer to the lawn (slow-release products are best).  This is the most important application of the year.
  • Aerate the lawn with a core aerator, then over-seed to introduce new grass and thicken up the lawn.
  • Apply a broadleaf herbicide to control perennial lawn weeds when temperatures are below 85 degrees.
  • Deadhead perennials and cut back those that are dying back.
  • Plant trees and shrubs in the fall which is the ideal time.
  • Reduce watering the lawn to ½ to 1 inch per week.
  • Set mower height to 2 – 2½” tall. 
  • Fertilize strawberry plants.
  • Harvest winter squash and pumpkins when the stem is hard and dry.
  • Visit the Utah State University Botanical Center in Kaysville, and the Ogden Botanical Gardens for planting ideas for fall color.
  • If needed, overseed the lawn (or plant a new lawn).
  • Fall bulbs become available at local nurseries.
  • Shop for late perennials on sale.
  • Harvest potatoes.
  • Wrap young trees for winter.
  • Swap hummingbird feeder for wild bird feeder

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