Wildlife Conflicts

  • Here you will find a few recent publications that are open access, on Greater sage-grouse, prairie dogs and a few more

Watch a powerpoint of about the Great Backyard Bird Count

  • Get involved with the GBBC in southern Utah this year! Contact Nicki Frey nicki.frey@usu.edu for more information!

  • Wonder why wildlife do what they do? Experiencing damage from wildlife? Here, you can post a question to a wildlife specialist.

  • This is the portal for the Wildlife Research Education Network.  Come and view your data and see what others have reported.

We invite you to explore this site to assist in answering your questions regarding wildlife management, wildlife damage management, and human-wildlife interactions (conflict management, disease management, attitudes toward wildlife, and many others). Here, we will focus on answering questions pertinent to Utah and the Intermountain West. We invite you to visit our sister site, the Jack H. Berryman Institute, where human-wildlife conflicts issues are addressed on a national level.