Agricultural Wildlife Management

    Agricultural Wildlife Management

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    There are many ways to kill animals. I can't tell you what is the "best" way to kill a skunk because it depends on your resources and your personal preferences. However, the American Veterinary Medical Association has provided guidance as to what are ethical methods to kill animals, based on the type of animal. There are also illegal methods, such as using different types of poisons in a way that isn't listed on the label. They are illegal uses mostly because the way that they effect "non-listed" animals is considered unethical. Any professional working with wildlife is expected to conform to the guidance provided by the America Veterinary Medical Association. The best way to kill a skunk without getting sprayed is to use a toxicant. These registered toxicants contain carbon and sodium nitrate. If you search online you can find many blogs about carbon-monoxide poisoning for skunks. I wouldn't trust anything that doesn't come from a professional. On this webpage I have also included a fact sheet on dealing with skunks humanely.


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