News - January 15, 2011

4-H SET Squad Winter Family Evening

On January 14, Wayne County families enjoyed a fun-filled evening of activities at the Loa Civic Center.

The SET Squad Star Challenge involved a family Lego Mindstorms robot challenge. Youth added Lego people to a wacky robot, then ran the program. They were challenged to consider placement, weight, and organization to keep the robot car from flipping over.

Other stations featured the NXT Lego Mindstorms robots. At one station, youth learned about the ultrasonic and touch sensors used by robots. Youth tried to keep the robot within an area using the sensors to control movement.

The second NXT Lego Mindstorms station focused on robot programming. Youth planned an obstacle course using the SPA approach: Sense (build a robot that has senses), Plan (create a plan and program the robot), and Act (enter the program and try it out).

The SET Squad Robotics Preview featured the Lego WeDo robots that will be used in the upcoming six-week robotics after-school program. Teens demonstrated the process of building a Lego plane controlled by the computer.

The SET Squad Showcase provided a culmination for the six week after-school program. Youth explored the science used by real detectives in Crime Scene Investigation. Young people solved a "who dunnit" and tried out some real-world crime kit activities.


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