Health Rocks in Wayne County

Health RocksThe Health Rocks program focuses on preventative skills including:

  • Ways to work with stress
  • Positive methods for expressing emotions
  • Tools for saying no to drugs/alcohol
  • Ideas for healthy activities and fun

Teen leaders:

  • Work with elementary grade students on prevention activities
  • Coordinate programs that discuss the ramifications of poor choices
  • Direct activities that focus on making healthy choices
  • Persuade young people to sign pledges committing to abstinence related to tobacco and drug abuse

Health Rocks4-H Health Rocks Leadership (2008-2009)

  • Adult Leader: Paige Cook
  • Teen Leaders: Amber Cook, Victoria Sorenson
  • Teen Volunteers: Karina Petty, Taylor Robins, Cason Chappell, Amanda Grundy, Chloe Garcia, Jameson Pace, Kamrynn Stringham, Tyree Davis, Susan Hamilton, Colin Anderson, and Addyson Reynolds

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