Rubberband Powered Rockets

rocketLet's build a rocket and use a rubberband launcher to make it fly!

What You Need

  • toilet paper tubes
  • construction paper and/or aluminum foil
  • tape
  • card board
  • streamers
  • scissors
  • 2x4, 2 nails, rubber bands

What You Do

  1. Decorate Tube
  2. Cut 4 slits in one end of tube.
  3. Cut out 2 triangles.
  4. Cut a slit halfway through the triangle 1 from the top.
    Cut a slit halfway through triangle 2 from the button.
  5. Place the triangle 2 in the rocket.
    Place triangle 1 in the rocket.
  6. Cut out a circle.
  7. Cut a slit from the edge to the center.
  8. Turn your circle into a cone and tape it.
  9. Tape the cone to your rocket.
  10. Build your launcher using a 2x4 base, 2 nails, and rubber bands.
  11. Compare the launchers. Which works best?

Adapted from Enchanted Learning

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