News - November 11, 2011

 4-H SET Squad Family Night 

On November 11, 2011 4-H youth and their families participated in activities related to animals and nutrition.

SET SquadSET SquadSET Squad

One activity involved teen leaders helping children create bracelets from sheep's wool.

SET Squad SET Squad

Another activity involved created farm and ranch animal masks.

SET SquadSET Squad

Making paper barns and animals was a particularly popular activity.

SET SquadSET SquadSET Squad

In the photo below, a teen leader plays a game with youth. Can you name the animals feed?

SET Squad

Teens showed 4--H youth how to combine fruits and vegetables to make a yummy and nutritious smoothie called a Swamp Cooler.

SET SquadSET SquadSET Squad

4-Hers of all ages enjoyed drawing pictures of wild animals as well as farm and ranch animals.

SET Squad SET Squad   

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