News - February 19, 2013

After school program

4-H After-school Program is a Hit!

The 4-H After-school Program is a hit with both youth and their parents!

After school, the 4-H youth walk together to the Wayne County Courthouse for the after-school program.

They begin by making their own snack.

For instance, this week they were making pancakes.

They also made smoothies from a variety of fresh and frozen fruit.

Youth learn about the many different types of fresh ingredients that can go into smoothies... including spinach!

After school program

Director GaeLynn Peterson video records the youth as they tell about the process of making smoothies.

After school program

After a snack, youth participate in games and other types of activities.

After school program

Finally, youth spend time doing homework in a quiet area. Teen leaders supervise students working on homework.

After school program

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