Healthy Living: From Prep to Harvest


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    Healthy Living: From Prep to Harvest

    girlsIn the spring 4-H youth cleared and prepared a Community garden spot behind the courthouse. They planted and added a timer watering system.

    The garden has been a success.

    Some of the unique features of this project have been the mixing of flowers with the vegetables, this helps to attract bees and other beneficial insects to the garden.

    A variety of beans were planted including bush green beans, purple beans and yellow wax beans. The purple beans are easy to see when picking and turn green when cooked. They all have a delicious flavor.

    We learned other things too. When cilantro is left to mature it becomes coriander. Cutting the leaves off of chard and spinach allow the plants to continue to grow. Some flowers look like herbs. It is important to know what you are harvesting.

    Check out a video showing photos from the project.

    The garden is available for anyone to come and harvest vegetable is you have any questions, please call the USU Extension Office.
    Mary Sorenson
    Secretary/ 4-H Assistant
    USU Extension- Wayne County
    Office (435) 836-1312
    Cell  (435) 703-5162
    Fax (435)836-2479