Water Quality Tools


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    Water Quality Tools

    bannerUSU Water Quality Extension offers a variety of tools that can be used for data analysis and data manipulation.

    • This survey can help you identify activities on your property that may be affecting your water.

    • The Water Quality Interpretation Tool allow users to enter their water quality data online and receive interpretation of those data pertaining to drinking water, irrigation water, livestock water, and environmental water state standards.

    • The Riparian Calculator allows users to calculate various loadings coming off of the land in relation to the riparian buffer areas. 

    • This CNMP 12 Step Guide provides you with instructions, forms and examples of a CNMP (Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan).

    • This Water Quality Trading webpage provides information about water quality pollutant trading in the Bear River Watershed. 

    • These Risks to Your Water surveys and fact sheets will help you identify activities on your property that may be contaminating your water.

    • This Best Management Practices (BMPs) webpage and monitoring guide can give you information on different kinds of BMPs and how to effectively monitor them.

    Powerpoint presentations: 

    photophoto   Monitoring for BMP effectiveness        pdf

       Watershed 101                                        pdf

       Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water      pdf