Storm Drain Stenciling


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    Storm Drain Stenciling


    What’s with all of the signs and why are they in the gutters?

    Stenciling, or labeling, a message next to storm drains can be a quick and easy way to let people know where water in storm drains goes to.

    Many people assume that everything will go to a wastewater treatment plant, and don’t realize that it might go directly to a local water body!

    In addition, it can provide a valuable opportunity to raise awareness for other water quality issues. Many groups that undertake stenciling projects make sure to incorporate volunteers in the effort and plan an awareness/PR campaign.

    On October 10th, 2015-- USU Water Quality Extension teamed up with USU students to complete a stenciling service project and raise awareness about water quality issues. For more information on what was done—and why— follow one of these links:

    1.) Herald Journal

    2.) USU Today

    3.) Utah Statesman

    Or take a look at these informational fliers: A.) Urban Stormwater B.) Urban Stormwater--Short 

    To see more photos of the service project please visit this link./waterquality/ou-images/Double_Stencils.jpg