Community Stormwater


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    Community Stormwater

    How is my community contributing?

    Stormwater runoff affects your whole community because we all share the same water supply.  Help your neighbors by getting involved.  Many cities and counties have established stormwater management plans to help reduce and treat runoff.  Visit your city's website to learn more about what is specifically being done in your community and to obtain stormwater permits.  Below are some other resources to help you:

    Community Actions and Tips

    Community Actions to Reduce Water Quality Impacts of Stormwater
    This flyer gives tips for municipalities and citizens on planning Phase II requirements.

    Six Minimum Control Measures
    This flyer identifies the six control measures stated in the Phase II regulations.

    Urban Small Sites Best Management Practice Manual
    A manual describing 40 BMPs for managing stormwater pollution for small urban sites is available here.(Scroll to the bottom)

      Photo Credit: City of Loveland