Small Clams


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    Key to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Utah - Small Clams

    Corbiculidae (Asiatic Clam, INVASIVE)

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    DescriptionThick, oval shell. Concentric striae feel rough when scratched. Length 10-20 mm, but can grow up to 50 mm. Yellow, green, or brown in color.

    HabitatBurrows in sediment of freshwater lakes and rivers.  Cobiculidae has been collected throughout Utah from Lake Powell to Box Elder County.

    Dreissenidae (Zebra and Quagga mussel, INVASIVE)

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    DescriptionDistinct triangular shaped shell, striped patterns. Exotic species from Eastern Europe. Up to 50 mm in length

    HabitatZebra mussels are not yet found in Utah, Quagga mussels can be found in Sand Hollow Reservoir

    Pisidiidae (Fingernail Clam)

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    DescriptionShells are thin, smooth, and generally oval. Yellowgreen or white in color. Less than 25 mm in length, generally less than 10 mm.

    HabitatFound in nearly all aquatic habitats.


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