Water Quality Links

Water Quality Links by Topic

Educational Programs

Bear River RC&D
Utah Botanical Center
School Yard Habitats
The Groundwater Foundation
Give Water a Hand (University of Wisconsin)
American Ground Water Trust
Waterkeeper Alliance
Center for Watershed Protection
The National Clean Water Network

Educational Resources

EPA Teacher and Student Resources

Drinking Water Information

Safe Drinking Water
EPA - Local Drinking Water Information

For Kids

EPA Kids Page
EPA Student Center
Enchanted Learning
Water Science School
Water Education Foundation - Water Kids

Community Services and Programs

Surf Your Watershed
Water Drop Patch Program for Girl Scouts
Clean Water Action

Global, National, and Regional Water Quality Links

National Governmental Agencies 

Environmental Protection Agency

United States Department of Agriculture


Utah Natural Resources Conservation Service

United States Department of Interior

United States Geological Survey (USGS) 

USGS Water Resources of the United States
USGS Water Science School

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Bureau of Reclamation

State Agencies 

Department of Natural Resources

Utah Department of Natural Resources

           Utah Geologic Survey
Utah Division of Water Rights
Utah Division of Water Resources
Utah Division of Wildlife

Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Department of Environmental Quality

Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Utah Division of Drinking Water
Utah Division of Water Quality
Utah Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste

Other State Programs

Utah Association of Conservation Districts