Step 9

Other Options for Utilizing Manure

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Some livestock operations may find that they do not have a sufficient land base to utilize all of the manure produced on the farm. Urban encroachment, increasing livestock numbers, or excessive phosphorus loading may necessitate the development of other options for using manure. If the land base is not adequate for the manure generated consider the following options and incorporate them into the CNMP as necessary.

This step will help you utilize excess manure in your operation.

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Composting is one option for treating manure and converting it into a higher value product.

Composted manure can be sold in urban markets, used for livestock bedding, and may be used as a feed source or supplement for some livestock. Equipment requirements, facility location, increased labor costs, and odors may limit the feasibility of composting. For more information about composting contact your local County Extension or NRCS office, or Compost Education Resources for Western Agriculture on the Internet:

Agreements with nearby landowners to use manure can reduce on-farm acreage requirements for manure spreading.

If manure is being sold or given away, provide a recent manure test report to the recipient. Also, require that landowners receiving manure apply it according to proper guidelines such as those found in this publication. The amount of liability retained by the livestock owner when manure is sold or given away is a gray area. Therefore, document how much manure is sold or given away each year, to whom, and what information and instructions are provided with the manure. In addition, periodically check with landowners receiving manure to ensure it is being used properly.

Other experimental options, such as power generation and aquatic plant or fish production , may in the future become available for using manure. Altering the manure treatment system may also reduce both the quantity and nutrient content of manure, thereby reducing the land base requirement.

Contact your local Utah State University Cooperative Extension or NRCS office for more information about options for using manure. 

After completing this section you should: 

  • Understand the other options for utilizing manure.
  • Identify options other than land application to use manure produced on your farm.

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