Step 7

Calibrating Manure Spreaders

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Equipment calibration is necessary to ensure manure and wastewater applications are made at desired rates. Equipment should be calibrated at lease once a year or more often when the type of manure, amount of bedding, or consistency of manure changes.

This step will also help you calibrate your manure spreaders to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.

To get started, read the complete text of Step 7 (link at the bottom of the page). Then, read over this page, follow links to helpful information, and complete the forms and worksheets. File these documents in an organized manner for later reference.

After completing this section you should: 

  • Understand how to calibrate manure spreaders to achieve target application rates.
  • Understand when and how often to calibrate manure spreaders.

Information you will need: 

  • Load Weight of full manure spreader
  • Distance traveled to spread one load (feet)
  • Width of manure spread in one pass
  • Records kept after every calibration run.

Documentation to be filed in this section:
1. Completed manure spreader calibration form for Solid and Slurry Spreaders.
Directions for Manure Spreader Calibration

2. Sprinkler Systems Calibration . Click here for more information.
Sprinkler Systems Calibration

3. Spreader Calibration Summary Table. Fill out the summary table after several spreader calibration runs to summarize the results
Spreader Calibration Summary Table 

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