Step 3

Estimate the Land Base Requirement

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The land base requirement is an estimate of the number of acres needed to fully utilize the nutrients produced in manure over the crop rotation. Land base requirements in Utah are made on the basis of phosphorus needs for total acres of alfalfa over the entire crop rotation.

This step will help you estimate whether your land base is adequate for the number of animals on your farm.

To get started, read the complete text of Step 3 (link at the bottom of the page). Then, read over this page, follow links to helpful information, and complete the calculation. File this document in an organized manner for later reference.

After completing the section you should:

  • Be able to estimate whether land base is adequate for the number of animals on your farm.

Information you will need :

  • Alfalfa yield (in tons / acre) of your land (average, not top yield).
  • Number of animals of different livestock type

Documentation filed in this section:
Calculate the land base required to fully utilize phosphorus and nitrogen in manure produced on your farm.

Directions to Calculate Land Base
Is your land base adequate for the amount of manure produced? If not, alternative utilization practices may be needed.

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