Step 10

Dealing with Mortalities

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Between 1 and 5% of animals die on Utah farms each year. These mortalities must be disposed of in a manner acceptable to the producer and according to local, state, and federal regulations.

This step will help you develop a plan for dealing with mortalities in your operation.

To get started, read the complete text of Step 10 (link at the bottom of the page). Then, read over this page and related fact sheets, and complete the checksheet. File this document in an organized manner for later reference.

After completing this section you should : 

  • Develop a plan for dealing with mortalities.

Information you will need: 

  • Information about local county and city guidelines or regulations regarding burial, landfilling, incineration, or composting of mortalities.
  • Information about the different types of mortality disposal available to you.

Read Cow Mortality Disposal, a fact sheet describing disposal methods.

Documentation to be filed in this section:
Plan for dealing with mortalities
Directions for Dealing with Mortalities

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