Make a Splash


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    Make a Splash

    bannerThe following materials and links are provided to supplement efforts for teachers involved in the Utah Make A Splash Program as well as other educators providing water/water quality education. If you have any questions or needs pertaining to these, please contact USU Water Quality Extension or Andree' Walker Bravo (

    Make A Splash Lesson Plans

    The following links will lead you to the lesson plans and activities highlighted in the Make A Splash workshop and contained in the hard copy Make A Splash Manual. Additionally, the Stream Side Science Website below is an interactive version of the manual, providing links to further resources, videos, teaching tips, etc.class with stream

    Andree in the river

    More Resources for Implementing Activities

    The following links provide access to equipment and materials, guest speakers, additional reading and background information as well as grant opportunities.

    Outside Bugs

    Further Opportunities