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    Equipment Purchasing List

    The following is a list of supplies to make your own water quality education kit. To go back to our Equipment and Supplies page, click here.

    Item Cost Location Part Number
    Calculator $1-5 Buy Locally  
    Chest Waders $50-80 Buy Locally/Sporting Goods Store  
    Hip Waders $25-50 Buy Locally/Sporting Goods Store  
    Garbage Bags (10) $2 Buy Locally  
    Tape Measure (50') $37.50 Forestry-Suppliers.com 39945
    Clip Board $1 Buy Locally  
    Plastic Tray $4 Buy Locally  
    Ping Pong Balls (6) $2 Buy Locally  
    Small Scissors $1-2 Buy Locally  
    Turbidity Tube $42.95 Forestry-Suppliers.com 77107
    Survey Flags (25) $4 Building Supply Store  
    Plastic Petri Dishes (25) $5.37 USU Chem Stores 22163
    Transfer Pipettes (500) $11.98 USU Chem Stores Fisher 1371140/23247
    Digital Thermometer $29.57 USU Chem Stores 23601
    Water Collection Bottle $3.64 USU Chem Store B0931/21856
    Chemical Waste Bottle $3.64 USU Chem Store B0931/21856
    Latex Gloves (100) $8.46 USU Chem Store G0725/22373
    Safety Glasses $2.00 USU Chem Stores G0181/101445
    pH Strips (100) $18.37 USU Chem Store 22595
    Magnifying Glass (1or 10) $0.95 or $2.95 Enasco.com SB18031M or SB26621J
    Nitrate Test Kit $64.47 Chemetrics.com K-6904
    Nitrate Test Kit Refill $34.79 Chemetrics.com R-6902
    Ammonia Test Kit $60.15 Chemetrics.com K-1510
    Ammonia Test Kit Refill $60.15 Chemetrics.com R-1501
    Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit $50.24 Chemetrics.com K-7512
    Dissolved Oxygen Refill $25.19 Chemetrcs.com R-7512
    Phosphate Kit $62.40 Chemetrics.com K-8510
    Phosphate Kit Refill $25.42 Chemetrics.com R-8510
    Professional Kick Net $99.50 Forestry-Suppiers.com 77676
    Homemade Equipment (Kick Net, Ocular Tube, ect.) $5 Make Your Own  
    Macroinvertebrate ID Key $1 Print from Stream Side Science  
    Macroinvertebrate ID Book $26.81 Barnes and Noble  
    Groundwater Model $? Project Wet  
    Surface Water Model $795-987 Enviroscape 77676