Learn About Lakes


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    Learn About Lakes

    lakesies An Oligotrophic Lake in Utah's Uinta Mountains

    Lakes, ponds and reservoirs are an important resource here in the second driest state, often used for recreation and irrigation. The ecological functions of lakes and ponds are fascinating and complex.



    The Dynamics of a Lake

    As seasons change, so do lakes.  Learn more about the dynamics of lakes here.





    Aquatic Ecology

    Lakes have distinct ecologies and food webs. Learn more about aquatic ecology here




    Harmful Algal Blooms

    Some algae found in lakes can be toxic and very dangerous. Learn more about harmful algal blooms, including how to identify them here





    Utah Water Watch

    Participants in Utah's citizen water quality monitoring network measure pH, temperature, E. coli and cyanobacteria at local lakes or ponds. The program is perfect for educators, aspiring scientists, and anyone just wanting to get involved. Learn how you can help take care of your local lakes here.