What is 4-H

The scoop is that 4-H is more fun than you ever imagined it to be! We all know that kids won't do things if they aren't fun. Learning is cool, but learning AND having fun at the same time is AWESOME! And while lots of people think you have to live on a farm, in the country, or own an animal to be in 4-H, the truth is,


There are hundreds of things to make and do in the projects Washington County 4-H offers. You can do just about anything – from arts and crafts to skateboarding. If there is something you want to do, you can find it in 4-H!

Washington County 4-H gives you lots of opportunities to meet others. You get to know others in your group and meet with kids from across the county at different 4-H events. Being in 4-H gives you the opportunity to go to 4-H camp, participate in County and State Fairs, and even travel to other states or countries.
As you get older, you can become more involved in planning and sponsoring programs for your friends or for younger 4-Hers. You just keep growing and increasing your capacity to know and do!

4-H is the name of programs for school-aged children, youth and teens, conducted by Utah State University Extension. Our symbol is the 4-leaf clover. Each leaf on the clover represents one of the four ways kids grow and develop in 4-H.

  • The first "H" is for HEAD, which represents the knowledge you need to have to be a successful adult.
  • The second "H" stands for HEART. 4-H stresses a strong sense of feeling about what is right and wrong. Heart means practicing positive self-discipline and understanding how to cooperate, as well as setting and achieving personal goals. It means being involved in your community by looking for and doing service projects. It's developing an outlook that values the contributions that others can make to help get a job done.
  • The third "H" stands for HANDS, because 4-H believes that you learn best when you actively participate in the learning. 4-H is hands-on learning. 4-H can happen anywhere because sometimes the best place to learn is in the middle of a park, in the kitchen, or with your dog in the backyard.
  • The fourth "H" stands for HEALTH. 4-H has always taught that you can't be a complete kid without understanding and practicing healthy habits.