Magna Rod

    Magna Rod

    The MagnaRod is a meter used for measuring flow.  It is the equipment used by Watershed Coordinators in Utah, and the method we show at the Utah Water Watch training.

    Tier 2 Sampling Instructions – Flow Measurement

    magna rodMagnaRod Simple Instructions

    The Magna Rod is a flow meter commonly used by the Watershed Coordinators and follows the basic principles of all flow meters.  A built in depth meter makes its use simple once one learns the interface.

    To turn on/off: press and hold both buttons

    There are two main modes, rod adjustment, which tells you the depth to set the probe, and the current meter counter, which measures flow. Press and hold the left button to toggle modes.

    Once you have set a tape across the stream and established the measurement interval, you may begin measuring the flow. One must position the flow meter pointing upstream while standing to the side.

    Setting up the rod:

    1)      Hold left button untill Top Set Rod (TSR) mode is activated, the screen should look like this:

    2)      Move the rod to the bottom of the stream, press the left button

    3)      Bring the rod upwards untill the mechanisim is at the surface: the water depth is now shown, press the right button.

    4)      Slide the rod downwards untill the lower number displays 0.60 D.The upper number displays the depth from the surface while the lower number is the % distance below the surface. The rod is now positioned at 0.6 of the depth, you are ready to take a measurement.

    Taking a measurement:

    1)      Press and hold the left button until the current meter counter (CMC) screen shows.

    2)      You may need to adjust the interval setting, which should be at 20 seconds, to do this press and hold the right button, this will bring up the settings menu. Use the left button to toggle until “Time” setting is selected, pressing the right button untill 20 seconds shows. Save and exit.

    3)      To begin the measurement press the right hand button. The 20 second measurement will commence, the display will show the average velocity and elapsed time, which will both stop changing after 20 seconds is reached.

    4)      In your notebook record the tape, the depth and the velocity, then repeat these steps at the next interval.

    MagnaRod Manufacturer Instructions