Water Bodies

A water body is any significant accumulation of water, such as a river, stream, lake or ocean. Take a look at some of these amazing water bodies in the slideshow below.

Did you know?
  • There are over 2,000 lakes and 89,000 miles of streams in Utah.

  • The Great Salt Lake is the largest lake in the United States west of the Mississippi River (6th largest in US).

  • Utah Lake is the 3rd largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River.

  • The Great Salt Lake is typically 3 to 5 times saltier than the ocean.

  • There are 10 major watersheds in Utah. Find out what watershed you live in!

Water Body
Normal Capacity
Lake Powell 28,000,000
Great Salt Lake 15,370,140
Flaming Gorge 3,789,000
Bear Lake 1,420,000
Strawberry 1,107,000
Utah Lake 850,000
Jordanelle 320,000
*One acre-foot equals approximately 326,000 gallons
(enough to fill up a football field 1 foot deep).