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How to become a Utah Water Watch volunteer:

UWW is a free fun way to learn more about water quality and help protect lakes and streams in Utah.

If you can make a small commitment to volunteer then you can make a BIG difference by collecting important water quality data!

Here are the steps to become a volunteer:

    1.  Fill out the volunteer registration form

    2.  Become certified by attending a workshop

    3.  Choose a site to monitor

Volunteer Registration

Please fill out a volunteer form for each person who wants to attend a workshop.  If your group wants to participate in UWW a minimum of one volunteer needs to be certified (i.e., a teacher can be certified and then carry out the monitoring with the students).

Fill out a volunteer registration form that provides UWW staff with your contact information and establishes your monitoring goals. If you have any problems, contact the program coordinator.

Download either a PDF or Microsoft Word document by clicking on your preferred format below.After filling out the entire form, save a copy for yourself.  Email (preferred), fax, or mail a copy of the form to the program coordinator:

Ellen Bailey

5210 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322


Fax: (435)797-1871

Volunteer Registration Form PDF     Volunteer Registration Form Microsoft Word


After submitting a volunteer registration form the next step is to attend a training workshop to become a certified volunteer. In the workshop volunteers will learn:

  • Scientific method, ethics, and safety
  • Clean Water Act, Beneficial Uses of water in Utah, and water quality standards
  • Watershed science
  • Point source and non-point source pollution
  • The importance of water quality and threats to lake and stream health
  • Why do we monitor water quality?
  • In the field operating procedures and methods to monitor water quality
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • How to record and report data collected
  • Proper uses of data
  • UWW Tier 1 PowerPoint presentation

Workshops combine learning in the classroom with hands on experience in the field so volunteers can master the techniques and understand the science behind the measurements. Workshops allow for volunteers to ask questions and interact with scientists and local water managers.

Workshops are generally held every spring.  UWW staff hold workshops throughout the state.  After filling out your volunteer registration form a UWW staff member will contact you about opportunities to attend workshops.  Volunteers can attend pre-scheduled workshops or work with the program coordinator to set-up one. Check the calendar to see if any training workshops will occur near where you live.  See the training schedule for 2016.

Choose a site to monitor

Volunteers work with UWW staff to choose an appropriate monitoring site.  There are two ways to do this:

  • Choose from a pre-approved list of sites that state and local water managers need volunteer help in monitoring
  • Volunteers select their own site and register it by filling out the site registration form.  After submitting the form the site needs to be approved for monitoring. UWW staff checks with local water managers to ensure that the site is appropriate for volunteer monitoring.

At the workshop volunteers can choose from the pre-approved list.  If you want to select your own site UWW staff can instruct you on how to complete the site registration form. In many cases it may be helpful to fill out the form before attending the workshop. Links to a PDF and Microsoft Word document are listed below.  If you can-not fill out the latitude and longitude or Utah Assessment Unit (UT-AU #) before hand, UWW staff can help with this, just complete as many sections as possible and bring to the workshop.

Site Registration Form PDF                               Site Registration Form Microsoft Word