This is where certified Utah Water Watch volunteers can enter their monitoring data. Below are instructions for signing in and entering the data into the Utah Water Watch Database.

To begin entering in data, click on the Enter Data button.  

Once on the new page, click "Login" on the top right corner of the page.

Enter in your Username and Password. The Username and Password is case sensitive. 
Once you have logged into the Utah Water Watch Database, click on "Input data" on the middle left-hand side of the page.
Then, on the next two pages select your monitoring tier and your monitoring site name. 

Now there is a series of four pages that you can enter in your data as it is written on your data sheet. Once you have entered everything you can double check on the review page and see all the responses that you entered.  When everything is correct, select submit on the final page.

The data is publicly available and anyone can view the data.  Search by water body name, nearest town, or county to find data from lakes and streams near you.