Why should we monitor water quality?

Water is an essential natural resource that all people, animals and plants need to live.  Everyone in Utah uses water from lakes and streams and the many benefits include drinking water, irrigation and recreational use.  Volunteer monitoring helps measure the condition of water quality in lakes and streams so we can manage our resources.

Becoming a volunteer with UWW has many benefits

  • Learn why water quality is important and how to measure it
  • Record water quality data to monitor conditions
  • Help protect local lakes and streams
  • Help state agencies manage water bodies by sharing data

While there are many city, county, and state agencies that monitor water quality, there still is a large need for volunteers.  Even though Utah is a dry state, there are over 2,000 lakes and 89,000 miles of streams! Volunteer monitors can help increase the location and frequency of monitoring events in Utah.

Where can volunteers monitor?