Where can volunteers monitor?

UWW is a state wide program that focuses on lakes and streams.  Volunteers have two options to select monitoring sites:

  • Volunteers choose from sites local water managers identified that need help monitoring.
  • Volunteers choose their own site that they are interested in monitoring, register the site, and get approval from UWW and local water managers.

Choose a site to monitor

Volunteers work with UWW staff to choose an appropriate monitoring site.  There are two ways to do this:

  • Choose from a pre-approved list of sites that state and local water managers need volunteer help in monitoring.
  • Volunteers select their own site and register it by filling out the site registration form.  After submitting the form the site needs to be approved for monitoring. UWW staff checks with local water managers to ensure that the site is appropriate for volunteer monitoring.

At the workshop volunteers can choose from the pre-approved list.  If you want to select your own site UWW staff can instruct you on how to complete the site registration form.  In many cases it may be helpful to fill out the form before attending the workshop.  Links to a PDF and Microsoft Word document are listed below.  If you cannot fill out the latitude and longitude or Utah Assessment Unit (UT-AU #) before hand, UWW staff can help with this, just complete as many sections as possible and bring to the workshop.

Site Registration Form PDF                               Site Registration Form Microsoft Word

What water quality parameters can volunteers monitor?