Featured Volunteer-Summer 2013

    Featured Volunteer-Summer 2013

    Ken Paul

    Ken Paul from Willard, UT

    Ken, originally from the Midwest, lives in Box Elder County and monitors nearby Willard Bay. Ken started monitoring in 2010 as part of the Utah Lakes Watch program that was the predecessor to Utah Water Watch. As an avid fisherman he monitors the water to ensure a healthy fishery. When Ken isn’t out on the water he enjoys gardening, taking care of his chickens, and working out in his shop.


    Secchi Disk Depth

    We asked Ken to talk about his Utah Water Watch experiences:

    Why did you decide to volunteer with UWW?
    Being retired, it provides a positive incentive to get out on near-by Willard Bay to fish while also assisting in UWW water quality studies.
    What have you learned from monitoring water quality?
    I belong to a warm water walleye fishing club in Salt Lake City called Rocky Mountain Anglers.   Water quality, along with structure availability, food sources and a balance of environmental conditions are all necessary to maintain a quality fishery.
    Willard Bay Temps
    What do you enjoy most about volunteering with UWW?
    Assisting in water quality studies to assure Willard Bay remains a prime walleye (and other species) fishery and recreational area is my primary goal.
    Why did you choose Willard Bay as a monitoring location?
    Willard Bay is virtually out my back door so I feel the necessity to assist in being a good steward and custodian of this reservoir.

    Utah Water Watch thanks Ken for all his hard work and wishes him best of luck fishing!


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