2015 Volunteer Summary

    2015 Volunteer Summary

    2015 was yet another great year for Utah Water Watch. The numbers tell the story… Utah Water Watch has become a force for citizen engagement here in Utah!

    Number of sites reportedWe are proud to report that UWW volunteers submitted 713 reports in 2015.










    number of reportsWe’re happy with the continuing growth of our two monitoring programs: Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 is education focused while Tier 2 volunteers produce more precise data, often in coordination with local and state agencies.  Our monitoring program continues to be dominated by stream data, but we hope to add more of our lakes and reservoirs to the program in the coming year.

    Nearly 200 Tier 2 stream reports were submitted this year! Ellen and Eli will be working to expand the Tier 2 program in the coming year, coordinating citizen monitors with local watershed managers. 

    AverageAbout 6 monitoring reports averaged per site - a good indicator of just how dedicated our volunteers are. Most sites are monitored regularly enough to produce healthy datasets! We will work to maintain and increase the number of monitoring reports per site.

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    hours spent volunteeringYet again, our volunteers have increased the total number of hours contributed to the Utah Water Watch Program. This number includes volunteers who are sharing citizen monitoring experiences with their friends, students and families!


    Check out the data used for these figures at our UWW Database.





    Thanks again to all our great volunteers!