Commercial table egg and turkey meat production are important agricultural commodities for the state of Utah. The gross economic value of the Utah egg industry is at least $140 million annually, and there are over 85 million lbs. of retail turkey product produced each year. Utah also possesses a modest commercial game bird hunting preserve business and is home to one of the largest breeder/multiplier game bird operations west of the Mississippi River. The modern methods of commercial poultry and game bird production require ability to know and apply the latest technology. In recent years, there has been an upsurge in people interested in owning a small group of poultry at home. This has increased the need for education in proper care and management of small flock poultry-keeping as well as emphasizing awareness of appropriate disease prevention practices to keep not only their own birds healthy, but to protect the economically important commercial poultry industry from contracting potentially devastating disease. 

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