The dairy industry in Utah is vitally important to the people of Utah because it provides:
  • Valuable open spaces
  • Jobs in areas with few other businesses
  • Tax revenue
  • A highly nutritious and readily available food source
  • A product needed to maintain the cheese and dairy products industry of Utah
  • An outlet for feed and other products supplied by the agricultural community
The major revenue stream for dairies in Utah is milk. In the past few years we are starting to see growth in Organic and Artisan Dairies.  Artisan dairies tend to be smaller and make and market their own products – primarily cheese.  These Artisan Dairies now include milking sheep and goats, as well as the traditional cow.  Even though this sector is small in relationship to the traditional dairy farms, it is a growth area.  However, we are extremely concerned about the long-term profitability of all dairies and hope that by making information from the university more readily available, we can aid in maintaining the viability of this important industry in Utah.

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