Through volunteering, Utah Master Naturalists further their education, gain invaluable skills, help build a network of enthusiastic volunteers, and directly contribute to a positive impact conserving Utah's natural world.  As a thank you for volunteering, the Utah Master Naturalist Program would like to offer some incentives for reaching different levels of volunteerism. 

Certified Utah Master Naturalists earn hours through volunteering for partner organizations.  To record your hours, simply download the Volunteer Activity Form, fill it out, and return it via email or mail.  Volunteer hour totals reset to zero once an incentive has been awarded (that is, one level should be achieved each year), as well as at the start of each calendar year.

Incentives are available at the levels below.  Additional items will be periodically added to the list.  Keep in mind that organizations offering volunteer opportunities often have their own incentives for volunteers as well!

Biological Soil Crust - 20 hours

Utah Master Naturalist ball cap, Field Notes notebook, and Fisher Space Pen - Be the envy of your naturalist friends with your complete field set!

Sagebrush - 60 hours

Complete set of six Utah Master Naturalist Field Books - The Watersheds, Deserts, and Mountains Plants and Wildlife Field Books are the perfect field library for exploring Utah.

Prairie Dog - 120 hours

Choose one:

Free admission to one (1) Utah Master Naturalist class - Attend one Utah Master Naturalist class at no cost.

The Essential Utah Master Naturalist Reader - This includes three of the best books for every Utah Master Naturalist:

A Natural History of the Intermountain West by Gwendolyn L. Waring
Wasatch Wildflowers by Steve Hedji or Canyon Country Wildflowers by Damian Fagan
Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey or Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place by Terry T. Williams

Golden Eagle - 200 hours

REI Sahara shirt - Men's or women's, any size or color, embroidered with the Utah Master Naturalist logo.