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Course materials

beaver chew on log

Utah Master Naturalist field courses are supported by educational materials that have been developed and written by both faculty and students at Utah State University. Although the materials have been through several rounds of evaluation and revision, they are living documents that we continually update to include the most current research, management, and issues.

Course manuals

The Utah Master Naturalist manuals contain a tremendous amount of information that accompanies and guides each Utah Master Naturalist field course. We recommend you download and read the respective manual prior to the start of each course. On the first day of each course, we will provide you with a printed, bound copy.  

Click on the picture links below to download your own copy.

UMN Watershed Investigations Manual cover

UMN Desert Explorations Manual cover

UMN Mountains Manual cover

Field books

The Utah Master Naturalist field books provide an annotated look at common, rare, and invasive plants and wildlife in Utah, including their life history and ecology.

You are welcome to download and print each field book in page or booklet form. An added addendum is available for the original 2012 printed version. These are large files!